I had a chacne to work on the website for the agency I work at. I was the primary designer of this version, but there was input and contributions from many people throughout the entire process.
These are just a few of the final concepts from the design stage, before the build process began. 
This was designed in 09/2012
•  The website is responsive, from a max width of 1280px down to 320px.
•  There are different sets of functionality for different types of devices & screen sizes
•   Many of the icons & logos throughout the site are vector font files for scalability and quality
•   Google webfonts for all of the typefaces
•   Retina display friendly images
Homepage concept, 320px wide touch device version
Individual project case study concept (desktop display)
Services detail concept  (desktop display)
Standard text-heavy interior page concept  (desktop display)
Leadership page concept  (desktop display)
Blog detail page  (desktop display)
Contact us page concept  (desktop display)