In April 2018 I got married. I designed the wedding invites as well as other printed elements.

I wanted to create something that represented our shared design tastes and personalities, fitted with the other elements of the wedding we were planning and had a bit of depth and meaning to it beyond being pretty shapes.

Here's a sample of ideas I was throwing around during the development process:
I started with a spacey, constellation map theme.
As nearly half of our guests were coming from overseas I had the idea to depict the process of travelling across the oceans and mountains throughout the invite. But I kept the line blurry enough that it would be unclear whether these images were references to travel, to space or simply random.
I chose Greycliff for the type, which I absolutely love. I used it in different combinations throughout all the elements of the invite, menus and other printed elements. 

Printing itself was handled by the team at The Hungry Workshop using a letterpress process for the main invite and digital printing for the other elements. We used mostly natural coloured paper but I made the decision to print part of the invite on bright, banana yellow paper to add a pop of colour to the package.

The invite package included a main invite card, RSVP card, info sheet and a folder to contain the other elements. We also used envelopes that matched the yellow of the info sheet.

Here are some photos of the individual elements:
And a better look at the full layouts. There was also a folder that I haven't included here.
I carried the style through the website as well.
Overall it was a very rewarding process and I was really happy with how everything turned out. The response from our guests was great and I particularly enjoyed getting questions from friends wondering what all the symbols and shapes meant. This told me I had succeeded in creating something that, with very simple layouts, implied meaning and purpose without being too obvious.

Thanks for taking the time to read.
Wedding invite

Wedding invite

Wedding invite, RSVP card and information sheet