Meizu Halo
Industrial Design

Creating a new form of expression in wearability.

After the successful launch of Glow headphones in 2015, we collaborated with a large Chinese consumer products brand Meizu in 2016 to design Halo, a new version of Glow with Bluetooth features. 

Halo is a set of Bluetooth earphones that introduces a way of wearing the laser light. The product design is smoothly minimal, emphasizing the flowing wire of light as well as providing soft tactility. The wire itself is wrapped in a uniform knit that creates a subtle pattern of laser light and also feels comfortable to the touch.

Light becoming a brilliant design language of its own.

Halo’s wire can be freely worn, where it flows around the back of the neck then wraps around the body, being fixed in place by attaching its magnet to the remote controller at the end of the wire. With this unique wearability, the earphones become a big part of personal expression and style.

Making a simple yet powerful first impression.

The clean packaging design presents a bold detail of Halo with contrasting box colors to give a strong first impression while also communicating the detailed design elements of the product. Inside, a special packaging structure was designed to gradually introduce the product by isolating and nesting each part of the product around a single block of foam. This unique structure allows the users to intuitively learn the product as well as simplifying material use for the packaging. 

When the cover is opened, only the actual earphones are presented. Then the remote controller and the magnet are revealed at the underside. The long wire is effectively stored in the central part of the foam block.

Optimizing the design through product development.

Targeting the product for the younger audiences, finding a cost-effective design solution was crucial. Going through a product development sprint process with the engineers in Meizu, we refined the design through multiple physical prototyping, ergonomic testing, and design iterations. 

We worked together to keep the manufacturing methods simple, while still retaining the aesthetic qualities of Halo’s design. Through this process, Meizu successfully launched Halo in early 2018.




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Meizu Halo
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