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    These designs take inspiration myths for amazingtee
Seahorse - Seahorse holds the souls of men and brought them across the ocean ... to be led by the stars with the power of the sea is the inspiration for the work on the t-shirts coming soon by amazingtee.
Breath of World
Rise - Sometimes they are the up, escape from reality, to live in dreams by yourself set up, dreams are creating the future.
Gone with swans - The Bouriate tells that: a man goes hunting Outback encounter three gorgeous women taking a bath under the Lake. They are the three swans has to leave his robes to wade into WA. Man steals a fur and hide away, makes the finished bath just two girls-the Swans recovered his wing plumage and escaped to heaven. Who is Mr. Hunt took a third woman as his wife. She gave birth to him eleven sons and six daughters, but then she figured it was the shirt of his, parted told her husband: who are the creatures of the land and the people will stay on the ground, and I was of the place I rose from the sun down here and have to go back to heaven. Every year, in the spring, when the people see us fly to the North, and in the fall, when we return to the South, the people who make our lives lauded by the special [Excerpt HARVA Uno, Les altaiques des religieuses peule representations, traduit de l'allemand par Jean-Louis Perret, Paris, 1959, P319] ... And the Swans also brought several other special meanings will be Amazingtee to decode in the collection.