Hangar 12 Branding

Creating a Master Brand
When Launch—a digital and consumer promotions agency—re-oriented its service offerings around a unified “Consumer First” philosophy, it also created all-new branding. As Hangar 12, the three agencies within the group provide consumer products innovation and brand strategy via Pivot; PKG develops and executes branding and packaging; and TWO/TEN offers digital and consumer promotion brand activation.
Knowing that our Hangar 12 clients thought of the new branding as a way to figuratively collect the agencies’ services “under one roof,” we went for an entrepreneurial, creative, innovative feel. Because the agency space was once a shirt factory, we wanted to connect the “industry” of the past with the industry of the present. In the branding and the collateral, simple graphic treatments, and dramatic black and white imagery prevail throughout, with only the slightest hint of color to denote each unique agency within the group. As a bonus, the client liked our branding so much, it’s become the inspiration for the color palette and design of the agency space.
Team: Sarah Wielusz, Ryan Lynch, Liz Schwartz, Jeff Dryfhout
Agency: PKG Brand Design
Hangar 12 Branding