Date: May 2016 - April 2017
Role: Director, graphic designer and web developer

The Discover Cafes Project is to introduce 12 hidden cafes in Melbourne. Melbourne is the best city of Arts in Australia. So I focused on designing the identity of Melbourne such as antic patterns, unique drawings and creative graffiti. I also developed this website using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, especially SVG drawing.

Skill & Tool: Adobe Illustrator,  HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Design story
I had a great chance to live in Melbourne for 4 months. As you already know, Melbourne is one of the famous places about coffee. Also, Melbourne People like to hide something. So I needed a small effort to find and grab a great coffee. It was always worth. 

When I started this project, my idea was very simple, just drawing, some notes  and infographic. 
Draft drawing and references. 
The ides was grown up to make a small zine, a non-profit published like below image. 
I designed to print everyone and everywhere who would visit to Melbourne or love Melbourne. 
Enjoy final design of Discover cafes in Melbourne below.