Logo design process
Rosalis is the internet boutique which brings the highest quality natural bio-based products and wellness to the reach of Finnish customers.
Logo proposals were first drawn with calligraphic pen on paper and then refined on a computer. Calligraphic style is pleasant to the eye, warm, beautiful and natural so it nicely reflects the wanted attributes.
The idea was to capture the rose and R letter in one simple mark that will reflect connection with nature, safety and speak of high quality product. The rose is hidden in negative space.
In this calligraphic concept the whole brand name is written using oval gentle shapes to depict grace and harmony. To make it more special and memorable letter R is formed in the shape of rose bud.
The Winner
Letter "R" and rose bud are combined together in one simple and easy to read logo mark. Elegant, warm and gentle lines are used to attract women, which are the target audience. There is also a leaf on the left side representing natural, bio and organic products. Logo mark can be easily used on products even in very small sizes.
The color is Pantone 206 C. It's a lively, vivid red with a touch of pink hue. It's pleasant, attractive and vibrant, reflecting life energy and well being.
Logo placed on the ribbon can be used on packaging, promotional materials and on the website. Logo fits nicely on it and the ribbon speaks that Rosalis products are of high quality.
Valérie Moulin and Petri Hind
“The way you design logos, makes the viewer think for a second and after that the whole design with its values open to the viewer. You make the logo something to remember. I love it  :D ”
-  Awards  -
Brands of the World 2012, Overall Bronze Award
Brands of the World 2012, Silver Award in Beauty category
-  Publication  -
Logo Nest 03 B&W Special Edition, March 2014

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