Gif illo (and other concepts) for the article "Hey, Let's Kill Facebook"
The Facebook Addiction
This article for Vandal Press talks about how most of us who have created a FB account don’t realize what we’ve agreed to in the terms and conditions section during the sign up process. For example, did you know you’re giving FB permission (if and when they create the technology) to scan your face and body to determine your moods? And the permission to use that data so advertisers can target you with advertising? 
The editors went with this above image. The name of the article was Hey, Let's Kill Facebook. The article draws comparisons between being addicted to the platform and addiction to cigarettes. ​​​​​​​ 

The question is posed: should there be the equivalent to a Surgeon General warning upon sign up?

This was an idea for the 'scanning your face' concept. 
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