CloveXF is a Partnership for creating stunning n' spicy Websites and Applications.
Presenting the Identity, Branding and UI designs made for CloveFX
Logo for CloveFX, incorporating an actual clove and giving an overall vintage style
with spicy bright colors.
Spicy Home Page with bright red all over,
modified for  highlighting the latest Android App Cardamom
You can read more about us, the people behind CloveFX here
Showcasing our creations; the unique handcrafted Websites and Applications
A little bit of Skeuomorphism. Contact page with an image of old envelope,
retaining the vintage feel. 
Dukan - The Spicy App Store
Logo made for the CloveFX's App Market,
Dukan{ the word Dukan in Hindi means a Shop,  दुकान }
where you can browse n' download all the interesting apps