Grey House by Sergey Makhno Architects
Type: Private residence
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Year: 2018
Architects: Igor Tykhyj, Sergey Makhno
Grey House project is a clear explanation that ‘grey’ is stylish, elegant, competent, and not strange or boring at all. 
Although, it still has some features.
If you look at this object from the street for more than 1 minute, you notice the dissonance of patterns. 
Massive wooden fence, which is a stripe, is on the background of a brick house, which is a square.

However, in this architectural project, you can feel reasonable composition.
Hide&Seek Game. Location of the windows and their size is not designer’s imagination. 
To say more precisely, something was disturbing it. Before the final version of Grey House there was a pretty banal skeleton 
with small symmetrical window frames.
Even the brick which the house has, remained from the original version of the building - this is the most profitable material used by 99.9% of Ukrainian developers. It is factory-made, conventional. However, we didn’t have an opportunity to change it due to lack of time and monetary resources. Client put us in this position and he was frightened. And we were not.​​​​​​​
The key to solving the problem of routine was grey color. Minimally changing position of windows, adding a rough metal frame at the front door and painting facade of the building in the correct grey, we managed to point it out. 
Fight fire with fire.
It is important to look at any situation from a different perspective.
Back facade of the house says more. 
This giant window from ceiling to floor and almost in full width of the house, is responsible for the second light planning inside. 

Materials alternating from the main facade are also present here - wooden striped podiums and stone square stairs.
A lot of space is allocated under the terrace area, because you can’t scrimp on your rest. Dining table is created for a big company, 
and imagine when after delicious barbecue they all will stand up to dance…
Fireplace. Take your guitar and come and join this bonfire party.
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Grey House

Grey House