365 Singles.
Designing one cover for each song I love.
Oceans, Puscifer.
Black, Pearl Jam
Change, Blind Melon
1979, Smashing Pumpkins
Dig, Incubus
Efecto Doppler, Soda Stereo
High Hopes, Pink Floyd
A Wolf at the Door, Radiohead
Blackest Eyes, Porcupine Tree
Cold Day in the Sun, Foo Fighters
Far Behind, Candlebox
Gravedigger, Dave Matthews
Last Goodbye, Jeff Buckley
Long Black Veil, Johnny Cash
Hurt, NIN
Man of the Hour, Pearl Jam
Modern Life, Faces in Disguise
Nothingman, Pearl Jam
Mother, Pink Floyd
Monsoons, Puscifer
One day you'll be there, + / -
Use Somebody, Kings of Leon
The Down Town, Days of the New
When I'm Down, Chris Cornell
Let Down, Radiohead
Society, Eddie Vedder
In my tree, Pearl Jam
Thank You.
365 Singles
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Nicolas Prieto

365 Singles

365 Singles es un proyecto de Alejandro Prieto y Nicolás Prieto. Un proyecto con un lado A y un lado B. El lado A es diseñar todos los días la p Read More