editorial design, motion graphics, visual identity

A visual identity rebrand for a typographic design conference in Mexico: TMX 2018. The objective is to use pure type as image and make the typography strong enough to stand on its own. The logo will go on T-shirts and attendee badges, as well as large posters. Logo should be designed in black and white.

Event Info

- Date: 
September 20-22, 2018

- Location: 

- Designers:
Philippe Apeloig
Charlotte Cheetham
Loiuse Paradis
Luc Devroye
Fernando Gutiérrez
Paul Shaw
Roxane Gataud
Pedro Arilla
Christoph Amend
Matthew Carter
Jan Bajtlik
Alisa Nowak
José Scaglione
Rodrigo Alberto
Cavazos Rodriguez
Francesco Franchi


Association Typographique Internationale

-Minimum 72 different logo ideas, digitally done. no pencil sketches.
-At least 12 totally different directions.
-Black and white

The core idea of the logo design is to create a identity system which the logo can function both as a symbol of the event and as a pattern for audience to visualize. A lot of the ideas will be based on the concept of shape and form, because I wanted the logo to not only look recognizable but also can convey the culture of Mexico. 

From the logos sketches, I chose the more successful ones that better convey the quality of TMX 2018 and extended them into 8 variations of posters, both positive and negative. 
 In the end, this set was chosen because of its neatness and legibility from far away. The organic shapes on the poster also makes the audience relate to the event logo itself automatically. Forming a steady rhythm while providing sufficient information.

A wooden block set was also made to enhance the interaction between TMX and the guests. I believe that this
can create a more cohesive experience among the younger generation, since they can learn more information about
this event while playing with the wooden block; the forms also help establishing a tangible visual of TMX.


Thanks for Viewing.
TMX 2018

TMX 2018

A poster design based on the typography exhibition held in Mexico.