In 2007 I was asked to design a glass decal for the World Famous glass company, Ritzenhoff. From that first commission I have had the luck to see six of my designs placed on the exquisite crystal glassware.
Over the past 6 years I have been asked to submit designs for over 10 products, but have only been sucessful in the six shown here. Each design has to go through a jury process, where the top 6 designs are selected.
The glasses come in a presentation box that is designed by Ritzenhoff (pictured below), and the beer glasses also come with an accompanying beermat.
If you are interested in buying any of the glass designs you can purchase them online here:
This was the first glass selected. This is based on a stylised cow pattern design, with a whitty minimalised cow face placed among the dots.
This is the pattern layout.
This was the second glass chosen. It was one of three beer designs selected that year, and is based on the slogan that Ritzenhoff carries on their beer information; That beer is the king of drinks.
The flat design.
This is the accompanying beer mat that is part of the submission.
The second beer glass design that was selected two years later. It has an additional schnappes glass that has the same design on it. It was based on the theme of Little Red Riding Hood. All the beer glass designs have to have a limit of six colours, which makes the design process a little harder to achieve.
The flat design. The difference in this and the schnappes glass is that the small decal of a glass on Red Riding Hood's hand is a light blue colour instead of the yellow.
This is the beer mat design that appears on the box lid.
This is the first selected wine glass design for the series "Pearls". It actually failed the selection process but was added into the second selection stage later in the same year, and was sucessful.
The flat design.
This years wine glass design. This set comprises of both white and red designs. With the red glass being a little bigger. In this case as well, the design is restricted to only platinum and one colour. The concept was based on the idea of a love for wine, and during some sketching I descovered the idea of placing the heart inside the leaf and then the grapes inside that.
The glass with the presentation box.
The flat design.
This is the red version, with the only difference being the grape colours.
With it's presentation box.
The flat design.