Neorealism: Post-War Italian Cinema

Neorealism: Post-War Italian Cinema
Film Series Poster, Brochure Project

An editorial design emphasizing on combining type and image and how to create a multifunctional poster/booklet. Meanwhile, using an existing typeface that conveys Italian Neorealism, to give the audience a feeling of Post War Italian cinema. Both form and methodology were considered during the research of that era to get an idea of the visuals.

Specifications/ Guidelines

- Design a poster 22 x 33 inches vertical format, which can be cut up and made into a brochure, 5.5 x 11. The poster should be able to stapled into a 12 page French- fold self-cover brochure. 

Directors/ Films

- Roberto Rossellini
     1: Open City
     2: Paisan
     3: Stromboli
- Vittorio De sica
     4: The Bicycle Thief
     5: Two Women
- Luchino Visconti
     6: La Terra Trema
     7: Rocco and His Brothers
- Federico Fellini
     8: La Strada
     9: Nights of Cabiria
- Michelangelo Antonioni
     10: L'avventura


Different variations of mock up posters were done to see which font and composition can convey the atmosphere of this Italian movement the best. I used a lot of lines and shapes to emphasize on the rigidness back in the 1900s. A bold usage of type was also done to exaggerate upon the cinematography nature of films in such genre.
 I decided to go with the analog style in the end by folding and scanning ripped photos from the movies to strengthen that old fashion, post- war atmosphere. It also creates an interesting illusion of tricking the audience into thinking that the poster must be aged due to its flushed out colors and wrinkles. 
What is Neorealism?

It is a style of film characterized by stories set amongst the poor and working class, filmed on location, frequently using nonprofessional actors. Italian neorealist films mostly contend with the difficult economical and moral conditions of post-World War II Italy, reflecting the changes in the Italian psyche and the conditions of everyday life: poverty and desperation. Neorealism is properly defined as a moment or a trend in Italian film, rather than an actual school or group of theoretically motivated and like-minded directors and scriptwriters.

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Neorealism: Post-War Italian Cinema

Neorealism: Post-War Italian Cinema

A booklet functioned poster on the Neorealism Italian Cinema that covers 10 Italian directors and their works which had a significant influence o Read More