The Cathay Carpark
For our very first large-scale wayfinding project, we were tasked to revamp a cinema + shopping mall's carpark. A total of 6 parking floors — out of which only 4 had direct access to the shopping mall — presented us with a unique set of problems.
We solved this by carefully tweaking the language on the feature walls, stairs and doors of every floor. Coupled with bold new type and separate LED lightboxes for drivers and shoppers, we are confident that people will no longer have any excuse to get lost!
Work done under Manic Design.
Vector prototype of the feature wall for quick testing of colours and design
New: The new feature wall uses bolder type which allows for better readability from a distance
Old: The older design had anaemic colours and thin type which made it bad for readability from a distance
New: Level 1 Mezzanine
Old: Level 1 Mezzanine
Vector prototype of the carpark floor for quick testing of colours and design
New: We decided to go with fully painted pillars to inject more colour into the space to give off a more "retail" vibe
Old: The older design had partially painted pillars which made the space seem perfunctory
New: Level 1 Mezzanine
Old: Level 1 Mezzanine
New: LED lightboxes with separate colour schemes for drivers and shoppers; this replaces the old fluorescent tube ceiling signs which only catered to drivers
New: We identified and installed the LED lightboxes at critical junctures for better wayfinding
New: Level 4 with the new LED lightbox
Old: Level 4 with the older fluorescent tube ceiling sign
New vs Old: We added bold floor numbers on every floor of the carpark stairwell, especially for the benefit of shoppers who parked on mezzanine levels
New vs Old: We also changed the door designs to embolden shoppers who parked on mezzanine levels, informing them that they have to bravely walk through the carpark in order to reach the shopping mall