Fixing Drop in Traffic When Rankings Remain Unchanged
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Fixing Drop in Traffic When Rankings Remain Unchanged
Occurrence of drop in traffic with ranking unchanged has now become common scenario. Upon looking at AdSense and Google Analytics, statistics may also suggest a drop in traffic while ranking untouched. In this situation, the marketers may wonder what to fix when nothing everything seems intact.

The occurrence of such scenarios is becoming more common in the recent days. Most of the times, issues like this occur due to the problems that lie outside the website. But there are still some ways you can fix the problem. To start with, you will need to diagnose the issue.
Product Disruption
Gradual drop in ranking may suggest the change in user behavior as major reason. For instance, introduction of new product, change in rates, seasonal validity of products, and an industrial disruption are the reasons which may result in change in the way user may search for products you have been offering.

In order to know whether your industry is trending upward or downward, you can get help from Google Trends. With the help of this tool, you can have an insight about the direction of user queries for your site. If your important search queries are trending upward, you have nothing to worry about. But if there is a consistent downward trend, you can assume that something has changed. Since this report is going to elaborate what has changed against what queries, it would be pretty easier for you to identify real cause of problem.
Overnight disruption
Overnight disruption mainly refers to the drop in website traffic in a bit quicker way while your rankings remain unchanged. There are two scenarios which can involve such kinds of disruptions, i.e. edge cases and likely cases.

Edge cases refer to the cases in which the problem is mostly related to how search results or the website itself is being displayed. For instance, most of the web browsers have started showing safety warning signs to the end users. You can imagine the behavior of end user if your website opens with a security warning. This situation is only going to get on advanced level as Google Chrome is on the way to show prominent warning signs with the sites which wouldn’t have SSL certificate. So, switching to SSL is no longer just an option.

The second type of cases includes the ones which take impact from the Google search results. For instance, mobile-first-index is now being enforced by Google because it wants to see the websites qualified to be displayed appropriately in small screens. Hence, this requirement has come up as a major ranking factor without which the marketers wouldn’t be able to succeed in internet marketing in the future.