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"Verlos" Fashion Promo Videos
This video is the compilation of 9 promos created for fashion brand Verlos. The promos are a part of Verlos advertising campaign.

The current name of the collection - TransfVerlos.
The main concept is to turn  minimum items of clothing into the entire wardrobe through the transformation of garments.

Idea and video concept:

The main idea is to show various combinations of clothes on one model. We came up with the idea that a model freezes one moment and the next moment steps out of their bodies dressed in another version of the outfit.  That so-called cloning of a model wearing different sets of clothes was exactly what we wanted. So we worked out all the poses of a model and the layout in the frame bearing in mind further production and post - production.

After we had determined the concept, it became clear that we needed a timelapse of all looks on one model.


Take notice that in the timelapse the model’s head doesn't  change but remains movable at the same time. That was made specially  to focus your attention on the clothes and how they are changing more than on the model. Besides, that looks really awesome!


We really liked the idea of the timelapse and decided to add it into a logo. In this way,  we even stronger connected the concept of the collection with the logo of the brand. What’s more, it made the move from the main part to the final one more logical as well as emotional on the other hand.


Our task was to make a visual component as exact as possible. We were aiming for the more minimalistic result but, in this, not primitive. That’s why we carefully used glitches and also such elements as a stripe or a part of the logo.  The forefront of the visual part of the project is definitely the effect of cloning a model which underlies the conception of these promo videos.

Lighting and color:

From the very beginning we paid a lot of attention to lighting and colour. They were the background of this conception. Close - ups, which contrast with wide static shots, as well as lighting work on the model in the same way  - conflict and blend in simultaneously. And that’s exactly what we needed.


Shooting took 6 hours including preparation. During this time we filmed the model dressed in 21 outfits. We had a great team which were working cohesively and quickly.


Close-ups play a supporting role in this video and help to place the necessary accents. They are recorded by a handheld camera to provide a kind of counterbalance to wide and static pictures.Close-ups are more lively and intimate whereas the wide shots, otherwise, are more distant and help to realize the concept of Verlos collection as a whole.


After finishing footage we faced quite a long and painstaking process of editing,rotoscoping, compositing, colour correcting and grading.

Especially for this project the music was written by a very cool and talented musician - KVPV. From the start he embraced the idea and the style of this project. And on the stage of a rough cut  he wrote a track which formed the basis of all 9 promo videos and 1 - minute version. This guy knows his business and we are happy that he became a part of the project.


We also made a small  teaser for promotion in Instagram stories.  


As a result we made 9 promo videos, where each of which is devoted to one outfit. All videos are created in one style while each one has its own character and visual rhythm.

Director/Editing - Proskurovskiy
Music - KVPV​​​​​​​
Fashion Designer - Ruslana Verlos
Model - Okunu Tosin
Lighting - Igor Nikolenko
Make Up - Irina Homyakova
Rotoscoping - Vladimir Shvidun
Backstage Video - Dmitry Shyryayev

Thanks for watching!
"Verlos" Fashion Promo Videos

"Verlos" Fashion Promo Videos



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