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    A masterclass with Jaime Hayon and ENSA Limoges on Porcelain at Summer Workshops Boisbuchet, France. Tableware made out of curious objects!
Summer Workshops at Boisbuchet, France
Porcelain: Jaime Hayon & ENSA Limoges 
Exploring porcelaine limits , functions and formats for the most wonderful dinner in the country side …
Eat from a plate, drink from a cup,… calculate what is possible and what helps to make a more exciting moment together with this wonderful 300 year old material, full of tradition …
We worked together with jaime Hayon to make lighting, tableware and more items for a special dinner.
We were asked to bring a few objects that we like the shape of, cheap containers or bowls, mugs, plastic objects, curious volumetric objects, fabrics, puppets, glasses, rocks, branches, even a shoe...  to transform into ideas made out of porcelain."
As a childhood obsession with Bicycles, I chose the Crank arm of a bike as my object. I was curious to transform this object which is so crude, into its contrast material, porcelain.
The workshop was based 70% on the technical know-how and process of Porcelain, and 30% on design. The aim was to understand the extents of the material, but at the same time to percieve different objects in a different context; in short, to percieve with a 'third eye'.
by Jaime Hayon
THE DINNER was set along a beautiful river, on a 80ft long table with more than a hundred porcelain pieces for almost 80 persons. 'White" was the theme of the Dinner!