by celebrating an important day for turkey we aimed to promote our brand and its service. we wanted to remind people of turkey’s national values, history and social solidarity.

we emphasized that crowdfunding concept is not foreign to turkish culture. on the contrary, it’s in turkey’s cultural codes as in the example of turkish war of independence.

during the war, thousands of people donated whatever they had in their hands and played an important role in winning the war. based on that, the video depicts how this unity help a nation come through triumphantly like crowdfunding does. 

brand: turkcell arıkovanı
agency: insprad
strategist: emre dalkıran
creative team: murat miroğlu, selin çolak, furkan pehlivan
copywriter:berk toparlak, cansu özyurt
brand manager: aslı uzun
backstage/casestudy production: melih bilgin
music: twin musicom - hero's theme
media agency: bpn
a crowdfunding story: august 30th