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DO NOT RISK - educational children boarding game

CARITAS Project:

Educational game for children and all of those who feel like that. Learning tool to help understand how to behave in danger situations such as floods, fire, heavy storm, earthquake, landslide but also to save nature. Get to know more and learn what are the right steps ad which mistakes must be avoided.

The campaign itself consists of:

1. series of posters
2. educational board game
3. explainer videos​​​​​​​

For further info on the project development, check our Facebook page and read the whole interview with Caritas project manager Jovana Lončarević. 

Board game, with educational character. The goal of the game is to learn the basic concepts within the field of natural disasters most prevalent in Serbia, ecology (environmental protection and recycling) and first medical aid. It is intended that every player, moving on the board, learns and / or strengthens his / her knowledge and skills that will be used in both daily life and crisis situations through incorrect and accurate answers.

It is primarily intended for pupils in elementary schools, but everyone who wants to check their knowledge in the field of natural disasters, ecology and first medical help can play. Also, it is ideal for little children as the material made of, is PVC easy to use and maintain, 

Explainer videos are part of educational serie that took place in elementary schools, kindergartens and children facilities around Serbia. Stay tuned for more, especially English version via our Vimeo channel:

Animation credits: Nina Tomović

DO NOT RISK - educational children boarding game

DO NOT RISK - educational children boarding game

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