8-Bit Jesus is a collection of 18 (plus bonus track!) tracks that take on your favorite Christmas tunes in the style of classic Nintendo games. Some would call it a mashup album, others would call it "cute" but regardless what you want to call it, with songs like "Carol of the Belmonts", "Joy to Commando" and "Super Jungle Bros.", how can you go wrong?
It also has a fun and touching backstory...you know, the kind that restores your faith in humanity?
8-Bit Jesus was originally meant to be a free or pay-what-you-want digital download. I created nine tracks, uploaded a free demo, then started working on nine more. During that time, my 6-month old Pembrke Welsh Corgi, Einstein, started showing signs of a serious infliction.
Long story short, he needed surgery to remove bladder stones and the cost very high. I recalled a number of people asking my why I was giving my music away for free and mentioning thet they would easily pay for the album, so I set up a voluntary donation button next to the free download and decided that for anyone who donated $15 or more, I would hand press a physical album and send it to them in the mail.
Within a week, I had so many donations from around the world, I was forced to send the album to be professionally pressed, and decided that the cover needed to be as amazing as the people who helped my dog. That's when I brought in the big guns, Jude Buffum.
Album package design and cover art by Jude Buffum.
You can preview the entire album on my website, but here is my personal favorite track from the album.
Track 9 from the album, "Joy to Commando".