The Diane Modahl Sports Foundation (DMSF) is a registered charity set up by Diane Modahl in 2010. DMSF brings high quality athletics coaching opportunities to young people, particularly those living in disadvantaged areas.
I began my relationship with DMSF in February 2011 via Northern Soho when I was asked to create a new brand and website.
Diane Modahl has a personal brand which was to be reflected in the DMSF brand. The typeface used for Diane’s personal brand was Knockout Bantamweight which we would carry over to DMSF, visually tying the two brands together.
Diane is one of Britain’s most successful 800m runners and part of the work carried out by the Foundation is to set up community athletics clubs. Looking into athletics imagery and thinking about the brand one idea rose above the.
Visualising both the bend in a running track and the letter D, the final brand design is simple, distinctive and effectively translates to print, especially on the teams athletic gear.
The DMSF website provides further information on the charity and needs to appeal to partners, sponsors and the athletes. It brings the latest news, showcases the competitions and awards of DMSF athletes and details fundraising events.
The site is responsive and content reflows to best fit the device of the user. A touch-enabled slider allows users to swipe between the featured articles.
The site was built to a strict budget at a time when DMSF where going public to secure funding. As a way of donating to the cause, I more than doubled my design time on the project and made myself available for design consultation and technical support. Whilst I remain in contact with Diane and closely follow the development of the foundation, I recently helped in a transition to a larger agency who are able to offer more of their time to the charity and cover the overheads associated with the website hosting.
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