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Qin Kai basin 文创
Chinese Terracotta Army&Qin Kai basin

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The terra-cotta warriors museum is China's largest ancient military museum. 
In 1961, the state council of the People's Republic of China will be emperor qinshihuang as the national cultural relic protection unit. 
For the first emperor qin shihuang cemetery thorough archeological investigation begins. 
In 1962, the archeologists were plotted cemetery, the first piece of plane layout diagram, via detecting, cemetery ranges 56.25 square kilometers, which is equivalent to nearly 78 palace, cause the archaeology sensation. 
In 1987, the emperor qinshihuang and Terra Cotta Warriors pit "by UNESCO world heritage list approved listed in the", and is known as "eighth wonder of the world" make the whole world, make amazing all Chinese proud!


The terra-cotta warriors pit is located in east of xian have 6 km west south, west village.porcelain from qin qin shihuang DiLing 1225 meters, is one of the largest group cemetery PeiZangKeng, pit which buried vast warriors in group is the epitome of the qin dynasty powerful army. 
1974 west village.porcelain farmers was found during drilling shock and the terra-cotta warriors.
 It is made up of three different sizes of the pit composition, respectively Numbers for 1 pit, no.2 pit, no.3 pit.
 Three total area of nearly 20,000 square meters, the pit pit with reality, and the true horses were similar in size of TaoMa hooped head-dress, about 8,000 pieces, practical weapon tens of thousands.


After 2,200 years of burying the terra-cotta warriors, they now break out of the ground. Due to the erosion of the soil, some of their fragments cannot be repaired and restored, and eventually become debris.Can these debris be reused to show a new look?


Qin Kai basin

A plant is like a soldier, spending countless wind and rain in 
spring, summer, autumn and winter. 


The inspiration design of Qin Kai basin comes from the Qin armor worn by soldiers of Terracotta Army of China. Qin Kai basin is as firm as armor, which shields countless rain and wind for plants.


The outline of the skirt looks like it shows a petite gesture.


Qin Kai basin 文创

Qin Kai basin 文创

A plane is like a soldier, spending countless wind and rain in spring, summer, autumn and winter. The inspiration design of Qin Kai basin comes f Read More


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