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    Our digital portfolio came to life. It's like Jumanji, but better :)
(mid 2012)*
*A handmade version of our portfolio from the mid 2012. Built in need of having the portfolio only in physical form on the interview at the Academy of Fine Arts. We found it quite challenging as all of our projects are computer generated and mostly in motion. So our idea was to make the viewer curious and luckily - it blew off the board :)
It was made in 2 days (including design) and to be hones we spent more time preparing this project than making the damn thing :) 

First we made the shell (hard cover). Which is just two plexiglass pieces screwed together. The size is big enough to hold couple of A4 folders.
The cover and the folders are made of black cardboard. The graphic at the cover was delicately cut with plotter. And the text... We couldn't achieve any interesting results with the digital print and we didn't have money for one screen-printed copy ;) 
Can you guess how did we print the text then? :)
The works themself are printed in the photolab at the mall, and the folders are cut and folded by a professional bookbinder (you can see a lil' video of the process below).
The biggest challenge was to show our animations and videos without the computer, tv or even tablet to the board. We thought of the oldschool way of animation, and an old, school way of play. We've cut a lot of printed photos (each photo was printed with 4 frames on it) and glued them together. The result is fragile, but awesome :)
At the end we wanted to show the project that is greater in scope than all of the others. Our Interactive, 3D Animated Cooking Book for Kids. It's soon to be translated to english and published for iPads all around the globe :)
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