My own little webshop

Beer for Dutch band BLØF and their big Concert at Sea festival

Special nights at Cultuurschip Thor featuring renowned jazz artists

Promotional slogan of MAD Fest (music, art & design)

Recording and mixing studio of producer Guido Aalbers

Album title

Monthly postal service for chocolate bars

‘The perfect fairytale’, title of an art project

Photographer Raymond van Olphen

Singer & guitar player 'Meneer Pauw'

International Congress 'Osteopathy Investigated'

Exhibition of concert photography

A fun theater show for young and old about classical music

Trade mark for the Association of Life Planners Netherlands

Dutch music project 'Lorrainville'

Logo for English coach Buffi Duberman

Aiming for the heart, a day of love organized by Buffi Duberman

Rejected logo for Dutch singer-songwriter Stef Classens


Culture education for children (handwriting by my son)

Artist management agency

Dutch singer-songwriter

Creators of websites and apps

Association of wind orchestra 'Harmonie'

Trade mark of a street project for kids

Clothing line for hockey fans

Lifestyle products

Lettering for Monsieur Bojangles

Boaty things for the film industry

Annual Americana festival in Deventer (NL) during King's Day 

Dazzling training center

Only black furniture products

Giving and receiving unconditionally

Unused logo for hotel and spa in Costa Rica

'The hidden craft', a website dedicated to craftsmen.

Unused logo for art products

Rejected logo for postal service of chocolate bars

District of my hometown Deventer, NL

Beer association of 4 men who also like soccer and cycling

A great band

Video production company

Services in software development

An extraordinary music venue and its friends

A taste of Louisiana

Professional cycling team for refugees

Shopping center

Osteopathy practice


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Logos & Symbols

Logos & Symbols

A collection of logo's I've created over the past 5 years