reinvent - The Legal Innovation Hub

The Legal Innovation Hub

Reinvent Law Hub is a co-working space for lawyers and law practitioners located in Frankfurt, Germany. Reinvent’s goal is to shorten the distance between the professionals in the sphere and change their perception and understanding of it. We developed their brand identity based on an already existing logotype.


There’s no fixed recipe for change. It happens individually and can vary. In Reinvent Law Hub the lawyers aim to change the established methods and practices, deeply rooted in their field. To inspire and support the change we incorporated messages that remind and encourage innovate thinking in the office materials and interior of the space. Rethink, Reshape, Redefine, Reframe, Realign, Refocus, Rewrite, Reunite, Reconnect, Remake, Recharge. Reinvent.

Print materials

The print materials carry daily reminders for rethinking, change and innovation. All messages start with “re”, which lays in the foundation of the co-working space logo.

In the Reinvent co-working space the tuxedos and shirts 
are replaced by sweatshirts and t-shirts.


Typographic stickers help refreshing and rethinking the standard materials and office supplies. Everyone can decorate and redesign the appearance of their laptop, folder, box, water bottle, etc.


Creative Direction - Ivaylo Nedkov
Client Service & Project Management - Vera Schwartz / Venelina Miteva Nadezhda Stefanova
Graphic Designer - Tsvetislava Koleva
Animation - Atanas Giew
Interactive and digital - Pavel Pavlov
Photography - Vasil Germanov

reinvent - The Legal Innovation Hub