I like to leverage widely available technology in my artworks to create beauty in the time I have available!  I'm very interested in using social tech to do this. This project was created for MAT18 (Murwillumbah Art Trail 2018) and it explores moving on as a parent whose tweens are growing up as theme of the art trail this year is "Moving On".
TR24567, 2018 | Digital Illustration Printed on Wood | 210mm circle 
This was a fun project that included time with my girls. Moving on can be hard for parents! On one hand, you relish seeing your children blossom into beautiful teenagers but at the same time you realize it won't be long before they are "all grown up".
TR24517, 2018 | Digital Illustration Printed on Wood | 210mm circle 
This project involved firstly creating a series of illustrations using the Margaret Olley Art Center (MOAC) interactive drawing installation at Tweed River Gallery. I did this over several visits with her girls Lily and Mia, who came along and did their own illustrations at MOAC so that was a lot of fun.
TR24612, 2018 | Digital Illustration Printed on Wood | 210mm circle
I then used Instagram to photograph and filter drawings I'd done of the girls over the previous 12 months.
The two components were then combined and printed on wood in an Australian version of the Los Angeles based startup WoodSnap, which allows users to print their Instagram pics onto wood.