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    Jotun, one of the world's leading decorative paints brand, simplifies the color selection process. This data visualization is the result of colour statistics extracted from Pinterest which is a rapidly growing content sharing platform effecting millions of consumers' decoration decisions.
    The data visualization is showing peoples relationship between colour and space in specific household areas. The concept for the visualization is to design the data of the survey by using the two key elements, colour and space, as tool and canvas to thereby establish a familiar relation between the user and the data. The diagrams use the context of the data to design the data itself and that allows the diagrams to show more layers of information about the statistics.
    The project has been featured on the Fast Company design blog
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    Merve Ergün, Jotun Türkiye
    İsmet Uçarlı, Jotun Türkiye
    Morten Sørdahl, Sørdahl Design Studio
    For high-res images contact:
    Mie Frey Damgaard: miefrey@gmail.com
    Peter Ørntoft: peterorntoft@gmail.com
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