Identity for Høgskolen i Gjøvik
Student project / commercial work, Gjøvik University College, 2007–2011
This identity project started as a student group project with Mariann Nikman Freij, Kathrin Myrvang, Oda Hveem and Nina Lysbakken. The group was chosen to design Gjøvik University College's student catalogue 2008 as a student project. We developed a strategy based on the research, that was about communicating the words serious, modern, technological and personal. The college is small, but holds a high level on technological resources in all student programmes. My role was to work on concept, design and to be the project manager.

The school was very satisfied with the work we did, and therefore this project developed to include more of the brand material for the school. Since the concept was developed mainly by me and Mariann Nikman Freij, we continued to work with the student catalogues (2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011), ads, posters, brochures, digital presentations, clothings and more. (This project/job did not include to design or redesign the logo).

After three years of working for Gjøvik University College I've learned a lot about client relations, and about creating a holistic and integrated visual profile.

(Unfortunately most of the pictures only shows the student catalogue, in lack of pictures of other brand material, but when I can get a hold of them, I'll add them here.)
The different departments in the school has their own colour, here you can see the media department which is red. The 'default' colour for the school is blue.