OPEN CALL, the latest instalment of the annual ADM Alumni Show, held in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, celebrates the post graduate life of ADM students through a showcase of an eclectic selection of works. It is an opportunity to inspire, motivate and share with the graduating cohort the possibilities beyond school. The show also aims to unite works of diverse forms and mediums into a single cohesive entity, mirroring the foundation of ADM where students are individuals as much as they are a part of a family. 
Open Call for Submission from NTU ADM Alumni (Digital): 
Facebook GIF call out / Electronic Direct Mailer
Exhibition Pre-launch (Print): 
Poster / Postcard placed outside major bookstores, cafes and museums

Exhibition Pre-launch (Digital): 
Web / Facebook / Instagram
Exhibition Launch: 
The space was designed in colour blocks to segment the showcase in 6 different majors — Animation, Film Making, Interactive Media, Visual Communication, Photography and Product Design.
The exhibition poster also functions as a flyer, where they were displayed at the front of the exhibition and visitors were welcomed to bring one home with them.
Art Direction/Design: Lara Loi, Lim Qi Xuan 
Completed 2016