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    Identity is an Encounter. Project Chai is based on my identity which is inspired from routine moments in the life of a common man in India.
Director Jaime Hayon
IED, Madrid
*Exhibiting at MADtastic, Instituto Cervantes, Via Dante 12, Milan
9th April - 31st May 2013, from Monday to Friday, 1500hrs - 1900hrs

Exhibited at DMY International Design Festival, 'New Talents', Berlin*
5th June - 9th June 2013
It was an epiphany, as I started exploring my culture and roots; I began comprehending some of the simple, local activities in the lives of the common man in India.This changes how I viewed myself and fostered my Identity.
Chai, India
I started working with the idea of a billion people drinking tea, a foreign activity introduced 150 years ago. Since then it underwent changes and still continues to brew to adapt to the local tastes of India.
My inspiration for CHAI was the road side tea culture in India; simple, stripped down, austere. Chai becomes an experience, moments of respite; unconfined to any strata and almost an unsaid tradition.
The CHAI collection is designed by further developing the original idea of dexterity, consciously
connecting the body and mind. 
Made in pure white Porcelain, it consists of pots for tea, sugar and milk and 6 teacups that ensemble colorful patterns, inspired from various cultural design practices in India. 
The structured metal tray is designed in brass metal, with the wooden seat together denotes the fuction of transport and serving. 
All the pieces together convey the idea of  BASIC, TRANSPORT and SERVICE
For my this project, I had the opportunity to work with wood and porcelain. It proved to
be one of the most intensive yet knowledgeable weeks, as I was personally involved, in making the tea set. Starting by making wood models, followed by 2 weeks in Limoges, working with Porcelain and Decal.
STAGE 1: Wood Works, IED Madrid
Stage 2: Porcelain, ENSA Limoges, France
My project aims at imparting values to objects which are unrecognized, unnoticed, being just a part of our daily routine. That every moment is a communication between objects, people, memores and yourself, and this encounter is your identity. 
Taking the opportunity to express design as a vehicle for cultural exchange, I hope to revive local design and bring forth to a global market