Mark Allen Bodybags
Couture bodybags for the fashionably late.
     You cannot plan your funeral, but you can choose your bodybag. These fashion objects provide a respectable way to carry away the deceased. They are a guaranteed way to go out in style; making a lasting impression that none can miss. There is nothing like it on the market, ensuring a fashion statement that is unique as a work of art.
     This enterprise began as a concept by artist, M.A. Alford. During his studies in Europe, he noticed a peculiar semantic difference that haunted him. The British use of “bodybag” was much different, and usually referred to a purse that strapped across the body. Disillusioned by the thought of such a product, he was not surprised. After all, the world of art and fashion is quite absurd. While realizing the linguistic difference, he decided to embark on his deadliest mission.
     Mark Allen Bodybags is a bizarre, yet beautiful project. The faux-leather bags are custom-tailored to the owner's body. Measurements are taken by laying the subject on the floor and drawing their personal outline. These specifications are then used to make a bodybag that is fit to the contours of their body. The bag is made complete with six black handles and a Mark Allen logo, for everyone to see as they are carried away.
     The goal is to provide an alternative to the cheap plastic sacks that are typically used. We seek to be reverent to the bodily vessels that once held a person's soul. However, these are not just for the dead, but also a contemplation for the living. When you have a bodybag that is specifically fit to your body, you are constantly reminded of your own mortality. All you have is the time between now and that fateful day, when you will be zipped up and whisked away.
Mark Allen Bodybags-- don't be caught dead without one.
Mark Allen Bodybags