Don't Blink, It's "Street Life"......
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    All street work done with a Leica M-4P and a Minolta CLE, with a 40mm summicron and a Rollie 6X6 2,8 Planar, Film; Ilford XP-1 or Kodak Tri-X
May I Help You?.... Greenwich Village, NYC
"All Lined Up" Atlantic City Board Walk
30 Second Break Between Lights, NYC...
On The Rocks, Coney Island, NY
Dogs Best Friend, Greenwich Village, NYC
Halloween In The Big Apple...Heiir to the Kellogg's family
Mind Readers, Louvre, Paris, France
Peanuts Are How Much?....Wall Street NYC
....But Officer It's Just A Soda...Washington Sq Park, NYC
Street Face, NYC.
Summer In The City, NYC,
Umbrella Repair Man, Milan, Italy
Waiting On Life And The Number 7, NYC
Hum, What shall I Have For Dinner?....Greenwich Village, NYC
So How Is Your Day Going?...Washington Square Park, NYC 
Money, Women, Life, He's Got A Problem? Paris, France
Bathers, Coney Island NY
Queen Of The Gay Pride Parade, Greenwich Village, NYC
Gay Pride Parade, Greenwich Village, NYC
Mayor Koch Get's Into The Act, Gay Pride Parade, Greenwich Village, NYC
Staten Island Ferry, NYC
"Luigi The Wise Guys", NYC
"Dirty Rotten Imbeciles" Washington  Square Park, NYC
"Day Dreams," NYC
All In The Family, Lake George, NY
"We Make Good Jewish Food Here, NYC
Labor Day, Paris  France
Am I Pretty?....NYC
Another One Bites The Dust....NYC
Take Me To Your Leader, Catskill, NY
Family Shoppers at Wallmart, Catskill, NY
Walk, Whitney, NYC
3 Faces Of  Eve, Whitney Museum, NYC
Black On Black, Whitney, NYC
Legs and Butts, Whitney, NYC...
 I've Got Wings,  Whitney Museum, NYC....
CC Writer. Sand  Dunes, Cape Cod MA
Provencetown, Cape Cod, MA
Provencetown, Cape Cod, MA
Cape Cod Trees. Cape Cod, MA
Look, It's a Brid, It's a Plane, It's.......Catskill Park
Waiting....Catskill Park
The Space Between Us....Catskill Park
What's Behind Curtain No.1
Catskill Communications Student, Catskill, NY
Kayla,Catskill Communications Student, Catskill, NY
Art Chair, Hudson, NY
Hudson Fire House, NY
Mystic Sea Port Queen, Mystic Sea Port, CT.
Sunday Walk In Paris, France
Paris Tourist Boat, France 
Paris Art Street Dealer, France
Notre Dame, Paris France
Mother, daughter out for a walk, Monsey, NY
We're not alone... Old Calcutta, India
Street Swimmers, Old Delhi, India
110 degrees in the shade...Old Delhi, India
#Beast. Catskill, NY
Waiting for the bus, Montclair NJ
Monsey, NY
Smoker, Montclair NJ