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Microinteractions IV
Microinteractions IV
Collection of my selected UI animations.
Notch Pull-To-Refresh Interaction
microinteractions, iphone x, ui animation, loading, after effects, prototype, wireframes, gif
Switcher Like A Loader
ui animation, after effects, loader, user interface concept, on off button, switcher, preloader
Bookmark Button Interaction
button, bookmark, live prototype, codepen, css, html, javascript, svg animation
Hamburger Menu Animation
ui, ux, menu, button, navigation, microinteractions, after effects, gif, hamburger, fluid, ui animation
Switcher Like A Caterpillar
after effects, ui animation, gif, switcher, concept, progress, loading
Popup Animation
popup, modal window, invites, call to action, primary button, card, pop up, ui animation
AR Segmented Control
ar segmented control, ar switcher, augmented reality, ar ui, user interface concept
Menu Button Interaction
hamburger animation, menu button, microinteractions, ui animation, after effects, navigation
Infinity Loader
loader, user interface animation, preloader, framer, prototype, svg animation, coffescript
Press "L" For Love
like button, favourites, ui animation, interactive prototype, processing, javascript, css, particles
0/1 Button
switcher, on off, true false button, microinteractions, framer, prototype, ui animation, button interaction
Plus To Close Interaction
icon animation, after effects, microinteractions, close button, plus, add button
Dropdown Interaction Concept
user interface concept, after effects, ui animation, microinteraction, dropdown, menu button

Switcher Interaction
framer, prototype, svg animation, live prototyping, interactive prototype, ui animation, switch button
Menu Interaction
menu button, interaction, model agency, navigation overlay, hamburger button animation, minimalist
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Microinteractions IV