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Self Branding and Promotion

Hi, I'm Julius Guevarra. I am a passionate, friendly, creative, and detail-oriented ui/ux/graphic designer from the Philippines. I create beautiful and professional designs and interfaces using best practices that will make them exceptional and create a meaningful impact. 

I just graduated this month with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.  It will be definitely hard for me to seek for a job knowing that a lot of competitors with the same level of my skills will be getting on my way to get the first job. Probably my best solution was to create a personal identity that truly speaks to my personality and my work. Something that will make an absolute impression on potential employers and display my skills of creating complex and awesome designs. 


My first process begins with traditional sketching. With a pen and paper, I sketch out designs/ideas that come to my mind. It's a great way to quickly explore concepts.


With the sketches done, I converted them into a vector. I did it as quick as possible.  After it was done, I posted my designs in social media to which graphic design  groups I am in. I asked for their critiques and comments about my designs.  I let them chose  which design they like from a designer’s perspective.

After posting my designs in social media and gathered their critiques and comments,
these following designs caught their attentions. I then made further studies to choose which one stood out from the rest.

Color Palette and Typography

Logo Construction and Refinement

After a tiring days of the doing the processes and studies, it's now time to the construction and refinement of the logo. In this step, I made the changes that will make the chosen logo even better as suggested by fellow designers. 

Finalized Version

The logo's look on dark and light brackgrounds. 

Exclusion Zone




With a lot of basic elements completed, I designed necessarry stationary once I began to apply for jobs and to network. This included business cards and a resume/cv. 


Here is my personal website that I designed and developed from scratch. 
You can visit it here  https://juliusguevarra.com


Self Promotion & Identity - Julius Guevarra

Self Promotion & Identity - Julius Guevarra

Self Promotion - Julius Guevarra