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A collaboration with my developer friend because we both wanted to expand our portfolios, but also our skillset(s). We went through many ideas before agreeing to create a game that all ages can play. The name started as a joke yet it eventually became our end product. The game's objective is to match the toppings to the order(s) before the time runs out. Unfortunately, it is no longer available for download after some success.
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Launch | When the game starts
Game Board | In Game
Store | In Game
Treasure Room | In Game
Captain Slice's Cabin | In Game
Pizza toppings (some provided bonuses from increasing the size of all toppings to extra time added to doubling your points when you completed an order correctly) | In Game
Doubloons (Front & Back) | Currency In-Game, earned through successful gameplay (the "bonus" toppings are available once you enough of these coins)
Captain Slice's Treasure Chest | Open (and filled with golden doubloons)
Captain Slice's Treasure Chest | Closed
Pizza Pirate


Pizza Pirate