10. Koreai Filmfesztivál Book
10th Korean films festival

The 10th Korean films festival was held in four cities in Hungary, Budapest, Szeged, Debrecen and Pécs, in October 2017. 

Date: Oct 2017
Project period: One month
Client: Korean Cultural Center Hungary
Role: Branding and design
Organised and produced brand identity. Designed and produced icons, brochure and a bunch of types posters, both web and print.
Venue: Four cities in Hungary, Budapest, Szeged, Debrecen and Pécs

Design story
I was given three key words from Client for branding. 
     # 10th 
     # Korean film 
     # Daebak: The Korean expression to praise something that is big, positive and great.
The concept of graphic theme - cinema screens - came from the form of festival.
At first, I visualised these concepts using 12 icons. 
And then I provided my client three draft for the main graphic design like blew:
After a long discussion, we made a decision to use the one on the left. 
Also, we decided pink and sky blue as two main colours

For this project, I provided poster(73 × 77cm), X banner(200 × 85cm), web poster (four different sizes) and book.