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    Brazilian Port city organized by a schedule.
Company Townshare // 2012 // Barra de Furado // Professor Neeraj Bhatia
Collaboration: Gretchen Craig, Benjamin Salance
Barra de Furado is the proposed port city for an area off the coast of Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Recognizing the complex ecology of the site, infrastructural necessities for oil logistics and programmatic requirements of the residents, Company Townshare proposes a city plan that accommodates peak oil transportation to a transfer to an ethanol based economy. Using the schedule as a tool to organize the occupation of the town at the scale of the day, season, and year, the city is organized to grow and shrink with the requirements of the economy. 
Broken into three timescales design is reevaluated through the demands of the encompassing systems at play. The daily scale focuses on progammatic elements used constantly by workers, the season analyses ecological adjustments, and the long-term plans for population fluctuation as well as a fluid economy. The resulting proposal maintains a dense urbanism that is efficient and elastic over 25 years.
BIRDs EYE VIEW// Approach seen from air transporation.
SURFACE/OBJECT TYPOLOGY// Program requirements for surfaces and enclosed space within the oil town. Based on the times program are used, programmatic overlap allows for multiple programs to occupy the same surfaces and objects at different times.
SYSTEM PROCESSES// A study of the required components for the industrial processes within the town analyzing requirements for land use, labor, exposure to natural light and water.This study revealed certain overlapping requirements between  ethanol, oil, water, and people.
PLAN DIAGRAM// Left:Highlighted systems of occupiable sufaces, enclosed builddings, and lgistical road. 
Right: Water, oil, and ethanol infrasture during peak oil production.
Exploded Axonometic
View from Port
View from Highway entering Barra do Furado.
PLAN// Occupation of the city at peak population.
TRANSITION DIAGRAM// Three modes of transition over time.
SCHEDULE// Schedule describing town occupation over the year, the season, and individual day.
DAILY SCHEDULE// Describes the daily programmatic overlaps over the course of the week.
SCHEDULE// One week schedule for programmatic overlab in 7 areas of the townplan.
PLAN BLOWUP// An examply of daily shift from 8am Wednesday in May to 7pm Saturday in Deccember.
DAILY GRAIN DIAGRAM// Locations for which daily programs occupy 
PROGRAM AXONOMETRIC// Based upon program that functions at the scale of the day an the week, that  change within the scale of the day were largely surfaces. Turf block, asphalt, grate and decking are assigned to the generic surfaces based on the programmatic operations carried out on each specific parcel.
PERSPECTIVE// Ghosted views looking into three buildings intersected by a pathway. Grating crosses the intersecting pathway  while decking maintains the interiors. In the distance Turf block
PERSPECTIVE// View of the shipyard being set up for the fishing market. In the distance, boat storage and cafe.