Kolhapuri Chappal unboxing
Design Brief
To design a packaging for the Kolhapuri Chappal brand-‘Chappers’ to enhance the unboxing experience and increase visual appeal. 
Design Opportunity
There is a lack of intriguing packaging design in the Indian market despite being one of the largest consumer market in the world. This gives us an opportunity to dive deep into this market and come up with game changing packaging solutions not just in terms of form/function but also in terms of branding. ​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Specific problem statement:
To design an elegant, premium and high quality packaging and branding solution for Kolhapuri Chappals (Floaters) aimed for the elite buyer. The design should refect a rich experience during unboxing of the luxury brand of Kolhapuris. The following have been shortlisted for conceptualisation so as to reach the right user base. .

Design Criteria/ Design Direction:
Celebrity/ Politician/ Sports Stars 
Hobbies/ Travel / Habits 
Standard of living.
Rigid Form/Box
Minimalist Simple
Bring in the essence of Kolhapur/Kolhapuri Chappal to the unpacking experience 
Ideation &  conceptualization:
Concept 1 :Richness of kolhapuri chappal can be expressed by lifting the chappal. A mechanism which will lift chappal while opening box
Concept 2 : The various flaps and foldings can be used as display unit.
Concept 3: Unboxing experience through simple illusion which will reavel brand while unboxing chappal
Concept 3 is designed further to make it minimal, simple and rich in tradition. Accordingly the mockups and prototypes are built
Die line:
The following dieline was considered in order to mirror the experience of unveiling the gift like in the earlier times - Saugat/Uphar. The lid of the box is hinged to the base and opening the lid mimics the taking away of the cotton cloth on the thali.
Graphics has traditional look. The handcrafted paper texture resembles with Kolhapuri handcrafted chappals. Red and golden pattern of rangoli texture elevates the experience of our culture and tradition.
Mockups and Prototypes:
Final Design:
Unique selling points:
The packaging creates an experience of the traditional through a modern approach.
First of a kind packaging solution for Kolhapuri Chappals in the commercial sphere.
The packaging and visuals creates a handcrafted appeal.

Box can be displayed in stores
Can also be used to as to store your Kolhapuri’s.
It could be taken on an international level.
Rigid box can be easily stacked

​​​​​​​Featured in Packaging of the World Favourite Design​​​​​​​

The  project was accomplished in the group. 
Find Suneet Pansare's work at Suneet Pansare

This packaging is not commissioned project by the brand, Chappers. It is a concept developed as a classroom project.

Kolhapuri Chappal Unboxing Experience

Kolhapuri Chappal Unboxing Experience

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