Type : Personal project
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I’ve worked on the design of a new padel racket for the French brand Tecnifibre.
The context
The actual problem of most padel rackets are the rapid wear of both frame and head.
The idea was to create a more impact-resistant product by mixing materials:
- For the frame, instead of using 100% carbon fiber (which is quite expansive), we could add some linen or hemp fibers.
- For the handle, the cork could be a great option to reduce vibrations and regulate temperature. 

Concerning the aesthetic choices, most of padel rackets on the market are black with a lot of flashy colours. I decided to took the opposing view of the competition by designing an elegant and minimalist white racket.
The brand is easily identifiable thanks to the heart of the racket which has the shape of Tecnifibre’s logo.
The result is a more resistant racket padel with a simple and qualitative aesthetic.
T H A N K S   F O R   W A T C H I N G