We loved working with Tomek Olszowski and Bartek Hlawka on this project in set in Croatia, for Mercedes-Benz's #MBvideocar campaign - the raw power of the car as it roars through the otherworldly setting of a remote island makes for a dynamite short film.

Turn up the volume to enjoy the sound design, achieved with a blend of especially composed music and field recordings taken from the shoot itself via microphones on the exhaust and inside the car.

Recom Farmhouse graded both this video and the beautiful still images

"...the view was breathtaking. We already knew that we have something special in our hands. After only a few kilometres it became clear that if we wanted to show speed on the screen the only was it to drive... fast. We drove 700km in total on the spectacular 5km course during  two days of pure pleasure! It was a filmmaker's dream come true..."

To read the fascinating story of how it was made, from the Mad Max style pursuit car to the vintage Japanese lenses, take a tour behind the scenes on our blog here. 
Direction: Tomek Olszowski
Director of Photography: Bartek Hlawka
Colour Grading: Christoph Bolten / Recom Farmhouse
Music: Michal Przybylski "Lieke"
Chase Car: Karol Szymanski
Production: Piotr Stefanski - Studio Tecza
Assistants: Adam Bonarski, Adam Gocel
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Mercedes with Tomek Olszowski & Bartek Hlawka - Film