Type: Kitchen interior 
Location: Moscow, Russia
Project area: 9,0 sq.m
Timeline: February 2018 
Status: Completed 
Designers: Maria Stepanova, Olga Khovanskaya, Natalia Pozdnyak
This Kitchen is for the cheerful young family of three. Our main task was the competent organization of the working area of ​​the kitchen and the possibility of transforming the kitchen into a mini-living room. We designed a functionally space for our clients. The main materials of this project are veneer, metal & marble agglomerate. The mood and spirit of the room are conveyed through deep and complex shades. The main detail of the project was a ribbon shade made of metal rods, as a symbol of home comfort. We'll show you the visualisation and than the final of this project.

MOPS / Baton visualisation