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    My interpretation of Ajee's SkullSkin figure, approx 11 inches tall. Hand-painted with acrylic paints.
SkullSkin custom - front.
SkullSkin facing left. Showing half-sleeve detail.
SkullSkin half-sleeve tattoo detail.
Close-up of SkullSkin half-sleeve tattoo detail, Skulls, Whaling Ship, flower and swallow.
Close-up of half-sleeve tattoo detail, focusing on flower, scroll and swallow details.
SkullSkin showing back left, with rear of sleeve detail and back tattoo.
SkullSkin Rear.
SkullSkin rear, low angle showing tattoo detail.
SkullSkin rear, high angle showing tattoo detail on neck and shoulderblade.
SkullSkin back right.
SkullSkin facing right.
SkullSkin Roses tattoo close-up.
SkullSkin neck and shoulder tattoo close-up.
SkullSkin "BABY" knuckle tattoo close-up.
SkullSkin "DOLL"knuckle tattoo close-up.