Stephan Boya “Summer Gold”
Luxury fashion label Stephan Boya teams up (once again)  with fashion photographer Per Zennstrom  for their latest “Summer Gold” campaign, starring smoldering beauty Annabelle Schmidt.

In their latest campaign, evoking eternal summer nights and the sound of gentle ocean waves, fashion label Stephan Boya cast smoldering beauty Annabelle Schmidt.
Annabelle’s 80’s “super model” looks perfectly set the tone for a celebration of a sensual moment by a campfire on a secluded, tropical beach...

Again, Berlin based fashion photographer & filmmaker Per Zennstrom was chosen to direct the video and shoot the stills.

“We wanted to wisk the viewer away into a dark and golden moment on a beach somewhere and for that we decided to use lots of golden reflections which gave the video a sense of drama and real intimacy”