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    Sampled works remixing Bobby Womack pieces with stylistic aims to create Hip Hop & Breakbeat/Jungle works. Creative Focus on layering and polypho… Read More
    Sampled works remixing Bobby Womack pieces with stylistic aims to create Hip Hop & Breakbeat/Jungle works. Creative Focus on layering and polyphonic use of sampled audio clips, from original Womack works, namely, "Interlude no. 1 - I don't know" & "Harlem Love Theme". Creative focus on the use of Sound Production techniques as a Musical tool: Compression, Limiting, EQing, Mixing, Reverb, Delay, Phase, 3x Osc Synthesizer, Panning, Sequencing. Read Less
The Summer of 2012 brought with it a host of new experiences. Musically, not least, my introduction to the Music to Bobby Womack. Womack's music had a great impression on me, consequently I was drawn to work with his pieces in more than a handful of remixes over the months that followed. Here are a couple:
(These works are categorically not intended for release and represent only creative enterprise!)​
D.M.G. - And then it Rained
Remixes 'Interlude no. 1 - I don't know (what the World is coming to)' a namesake to the album on which it is found. The super soulful swinging 6/8 introduction builds ​to a driving four-to-the-floor funk groove.​

This sample is a fairly conventional approach to processing a sample a straight Hip Hop backbeat, with the pull of the syncopated guitar stabs in the main sample really providing some feel around the pulse.​ Hopefully you'll enjoy those phase shifts, and the Bass-heavy sample providing some real body to the low end.
D.M.G. - New Dawn
Remixes - 'Harlem Love Theme' - Across 110th Street OST. Opted for a Breakbeat slice to accompany the lush haromony and haunting melodic lines which run throughout the length of this track. Two synthesiser waves are doubled-up to provide an all-enveloping sound in the Bass, whilst the original samples are heavily sliced, reordered/reversed/processed. Keep your ears open for a mention from Igor Stravinsky's 'Rite of Spring'.

D.M.G - The Way I Feel About You
Remixes - 'That's the Way I Feel About You'. The sample is finely chopped to every pair of quavers in the original tune, and thrown about around the beat. The strings really bring a body to the mid-range frequencies, with the ride cymbal pounding away each beat, allowing the Drums to pull the feel around the pulse here; the fact of the matter is, this tune is all about the beautiful Guitar lines, rhythm and lead (just take a listen!). The rhythmic length of the pulse in each sample really emphasises a strong semi-quaver (probably demi-semi) swing onto the next beat of this 95bpm pattern. Sounds great with a beautiful clean snare (Headhunters - Chameleon drum break. #noshit) enveloping the mids and highs every 2 and 4.
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