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    Cash brother, a pin tribute to the old Chinese cartoon "Calabash Brothers"

A self-iniated project, the "Cash Brother" pin is a tribute to the Calabash Brothers cartoon (葫芦兄弟), one of the most popular cartoons in China in the 80's - the series is popularly known as Huluwa (葫芦娃).
The cartoon tells the story of seven brothers born in calabashes and each of them being gifted with a superpower.
The illustration of this 8th fictional sibling was created by artist Keflione, one of the founder of our studio as the first pin of a new serie we're producing.

Limited edition of 100 pieces.
Size: 35x25mm
Card risoprinted in gold & black. 

Project management: Royalclub
Illustrator: Keflione
Risoprint cards : Bananafish books

Available here :