¹Perception ² of ³ words
 ¹The ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses. ²Expressing the relationship     between a part and a whole. ³A single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing.
 Design is the language that a society uses to create objects that reflect it’s goals and values. (Sudjic, Deyan,     2010) The vision imposed on each word reflects the experiences and values ​​of the author, so this action can   have thousands of different results when applied to other people.
Diffuse ...quality of what spreads in many different directions.
ARM Chair - The purpose was to cause illusion and questioning with the shape of an armchair in a chair body, creating a fun ambiguity.
Exaggeration ...representation of something in an excessive manner.
Volumoso Stool - The idea was to turn the base of the stool bigger than the rest, creating a break sense.
Plural ...denoting more than one, containing several diverse elements. 
Valsa Lamp - Continuous like a dance, different in many ways. .
Geometric ...made up of shapes such as squares, triangles, circles and angles.
Cônico Kettle - Designed to bring a simple shape with strong lines.
Symmetry ...quality of being made up of exactly similar parts.
Una Stool - The conical design is symmetric between the fabric and the wood.
Reflection ...as in casting back light, heat or mirroring.
P&B -  The lines give a sense of reflection continuity in a dividing body. The colors represents the light and shadows.
Perception of words