Getting Dental Bridges to Restore Missing Teeth
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Getting Dental Bridges to Restore Missing Teeth
When you get a tooth missing, it becomes difficult to bit, chew and speak. You need to visit your dentist immediately after missing a tooth in order to get the smile restored. One of the options that you can consider in order to get your smile restored is to get dental bridge.
A dental bridge is basically a way to bridge the gap between two teeth that would appear due to missing tooth. The typical method involves reshaping of the two teeth on both sides of the missing tooth. Then a prosthetic three-teeth set is adjusted in place in a way that two teeth act as abutments on which the crowns are settled. The gap of the missing tooth is filled with a prosthetic tooth which is supported by two crowns settled on the abutments.
Importance of dental bridge
Dental bridges are important because they restore the smile and strength in the bite. Furthermore, there can be many speech problems related to the missing teeth. With the help of dental bridges, the problem in speech can be easily rectified.
Types of dental bridges
There can be different types of dental bridges you can choose from.

1. First type includes traditional dental bridges. As the name suggests, it involves bridging in the missing area through the way for which bridges are known for. It involves crowning of two teeth around the missing tooth. Those crowns hold the prosthetic tooth from two sides. Normally, this bridge is made of a mix of porcelain and metal.
2. Another type is known as Cantilever Bridge. This bridge is used to cover the missing tooth area with prosthetic tooth by using one tooth as abutment.
3. A Maryland Bridge mainly contains metal holders which hold the neighboring teeth from their necks. This bridge is used when patient doesn’t want to lose any part of tooth enamel. This bridging option is an alternate to traditional bridging.
Cost of the bridge
The cost of the bridge usually depends upon the quality of material the bridge is made of. However, the defining factor in cost estimation is the number of units on the bridge. Now, the question about bridges would be related to how long they last. If they are taken good care of, the bridges can last for several years.

When you lose the tooth and you intend to get an implant, you need to visit your dentist in order to know about the right bridge you can get.