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An academic project in which we redesigned an existing brand.
Seven Hills Coffee
Rebranding the Queen's Cup (a creative work)
An academic project done during my MFA at the Academy of Art University, Gordon Mortenson, instructor. We were tasked with choosing a brand in need of revitalizing, and working through a new identity system for them. I selected a Cincinnati coffee roaster known as Seven Hills Coffee.

The logo developed used the existing brand equity of the company's logo which shows seven hills and a sun. Each hill has been collected to nestle together to form a cup of sorts, but also bring to mind the idea of waves of the Ohio River. The sun has changed to a sliver of steam, which also recalls the Tall Stacks River Festival, a local favorite.

Pages from the branding manual, as well as images of sub-brand applications are shown.
Letterhead and business card designs.
A page from the branding manual.
Images on the labels are screened photos taken from around the city.
A sub-branding application of flavored syrups.