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Native Instruments | Thrill | UI Design

THRILL – UI Design Process

Nominated for the German Design Award 2019.
My Role:   Lead UI Designer  ·  Art Direction  ·  UX Optimization  ·  3D Rendering  ·  Logo Design

THRILL is a real-time cinematic tension instrument for creating and performing spine-chilling atmospheres, clusters, and much, much more.

Thrill Attributes: Scary, premium quality, professional, inspiring, easy to use

The facial expressions of masks or somehow distorted faces are hard to interpret by the viewer and thus cause fear. You don't know what is going on inside the individual and if it will possibly attack. 

Design Direction
Challenge: Develop a functional design that provides a scary mood – with a premium-quality look. 

Below you can also see some other design directions that were dropped in an early stage of the project.

Instrument Renderings
Challenge: Develop a unified look for a wide variety of instruments and things. We went with 3D renderings to have full control and flexibility.
The low key look of the instruments combines both, a dramatic mysterious mood with a high-quality feeling that communicates the high value of the instrument.

Final Designs
A vertical and a horizontal line indicates the XY pad's dimensions in a minimalistic way without the need of a chunky box around it disturbing the airy and reduced look of the main page design.
UI Design:   Martin Bartsch   |   Thanks to Fabian Ruf for the 3D / Blender support!
Product Design:   Frank Elting   |   Producer:   Uli Baronowsky and team

Native Instruments GmbH, All rights reserved. More information about the product and sound examples: Native Instruments - Thrill
Native Instruments | Thrill | UI Design

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Native Instruments | Thrill | UI Design

UI Design for Native Instruments Thrill – a real-time cinematic tension instrument for creating and performing spine-chilling atmospheres and clu Read More